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Young Thug Popped Up On Instagram With A Brief Story Of An Interaction He Recently Had With His Maid



If you were a multimillionaire rapper, how much would you trust people who worked with and for you? We’ve watched over the years as friends have become enemies in this industry over money, features, romantic relationships, internet beefs, and gossip, but there is a different level of trust for people who have full access to one’s home and personal effects.

Young Thug popped up on Instagram with a brief story of an interaction he recently had with his maid after she gave him a stack of cash. “My maid just [handed] me this,” Thugger said while showing off the money, seemingly of hundred-dollar bills.


“She said, ‘I found this money about two months ago in your room. I just wanna know did you get it,’” he continued. He said he asked her where she came across it and she told him that it was inside of his jeans. “I said, ‘Where you put it?’ [She said,] ‘Under your bed.’”

“This when you a good n*gga, bruh. When you one thousand, you solid. Sh*t come right back. This lil’ punk ass ten thousand, that ain’t nothin’, ten thousand, but, solid.” Some of Thugger’s fans joked that the maid took the money, flipped it, and returned the original stack, but others are praising his housekeeper for being a real one.

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