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The Business Of Disc Jockeying In Nigeria Is Not For The Weak – DJ OP Dot



Mixtape Promotional Disc Jockey, DJ OP Dot has hint fellow workers to choose either going hard or going home for the profession

He posted on his Instagram IG Story highlighting areas a DJ must look into when aiming to succeed as a DJ most especially from Nigeria.

He stated below:

One might think that entertaining people with music couldn’t be a hard job, but the truth is that it’s a lot harder than most people think.

The business of Disc Jockeying in Nigeria is not for the weak “Ma lo wa o“.

Nigeria has the highest number of successful artistes in the whole of Africa, and these artistes have their own unique fanbase.

What should be in order? He emphasized on this saying

As a result, you could easily get overwhelmed with too many songs to choose from.

As a DJ, it becomes a serious responsibility to know how and when to transition from one song to another in a way that takes the whole crowd on a musical journey.

You have to be very skillful and versatile because you would be entertaining a crowd made up of different people with different music tastes.

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