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Sheryl Crow Won A Best Legs Competition When She Was Just 15 Years Old



The ‘All I Wanna Do’ hitmaker got into trouble for skipping school to enter the competition – which was judged by “a bunch of dirty old men” – but she was proud to have been the victor and picked up a $100 prize.

She admitted: I skipped school at 15 to enter a best legs competition – and won. The contest was being run by a local radio station.

“I don’t remember who was judging – a bunch of dirty old men, I’m sure – but I proudly walked across that stage to victory.

“I may have been grounded and thrown in detention, but I kept hold of my $100 winnings.”

The 59-year-old singer may have impressive legs but she admitted people are often surprised by how short she is.

She told the Guardian Weekend magazine: “I could run a marathon in a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels – you learn to adapt when you’re just under 5ft 4in.

“My height has never bothered me, but people think I’m taller because of the smoke and mirrors on stage. ‘You’re so short, Sheryl,’ people often say when they first meet me. ‘Yes,’ I reply, ‘I’m aware.’ ”

Sheryl grew up wanting to be a musician thanks to her childhood experiences with parents who played in bands, and she never even considered pursuing any alternative career path.

She said: “Music was my life as a kid. My earliest memory is singing as we drove through Missouri in our powder-blue station wagon.

“Having swing-band-player parents meant the house was filled with dancing. Music was my identity; I never thought about any other future.”


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