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Rihanna Was ID’d By A Bouncer While Trying To Get Into A Bar With A$AP Rocky, Wednesday Night



Rihanna was carded trying to get into a bar in New York City while on a date with A$AP Rocky, Wednesday night. Fans on social media were shocked to see one of the world’s most popular artists get asked for her ID.

The incident was caught on video by a nearby fan. After Rihanna was asked for her ID, Rocky can be seen clearly confused as to how the bouncer didn’t recognize the woman who he recently called the “love of my life.”

Fans on social media were quick to joke about the awkward incident involving the Anti singer.

“If she released an album recently he would have known,” quipped one fan in the replies to the viral video.

Another user defended the bouncer: “Wouldn’t matter. Law doesn’t change because you put out an album. I’m not a stickler for the most part but you can lose your liquor license real easy, and her one time visit isn’t going to pay the bills.”

While many users did defend the bouncer, other say they would not have done the same: “Lmao, the ppl in the these comments are crazy af. If Rih rolls n my establishment WITH mf ASAP. Not only is she and he getting in without ID, for free and also at VIP. This is free promo. STUPID. N it’s RIH!”


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