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Ousmane Dembele And Antoine Griezman Have Got Into Trouble After A Racist Incident Involving Japanese People



The France and Barcelona players have apologised, but they firmly denied the accusations.

A video which saw Ousmane Dembele supposedly making racist comments has caused controversy. Antoine Griezmann was also involved in the video and the players have come out to defend themselves.

Some Japanese workers were configuring the television in Dembele’s room and the winger himself reportedly mocked them.

“All these ugly faces here only so that you can play Pro Evolution Soccer, are you not ashamed? What kind of backward language is that? Are you technologically advanced in your country or not?”, Dembele reportedly said.

Now, days after the video was released, the two France players published a message on social media to apologised, but at the same time denying they were racist.

“Recently, a private video from 2019 was circulating on social media. The scene happens to be in Japan. It could have happened in any part of the world, I’d used the same words. Sometimes I use these expressions in private, with friends, regardless of their origin,” he explained.

This video is now puiblic. Therefore, I can imagine that it could have offended those present in the images, therefore I offer my most sincere apologies,” he said.

Antoine Griezmann also spoke: “I’ve always been committed to talking any type of discrimination. In recent days, some people what make me think I’m a man I’m not. I strongly deny the accusations that have been made of me I’m sorry to have offended my Japanese friends.”

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