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“I Need Help In My Relationship; I’m Always Beating Up My Girlfriend”



I have been dating a girl over a year now, she has been so nice to me over this one year, I was in another relationship before I met her… she was so nice to me that I had to dump the other girl which I dated from 2014 till early (2020… about 6 years)

Right now, I don’t know what to comment on my relationship anymore…. she helped me stop crack and other hard drugs which I was taking…(I appreciate that from her)

Before I met her she has a 6year old daughter which is now 7… ever since I met her.. I’ve been doing my best, I Normally spend my money in hotels and clubs but now it ends in the house… I love her daughter like she’s mine, and she knows that… I pay her fees..


I’m a hot tempered person, words annoy me rather than action… I destroy things when I’m angry… I’m just 27 years old and she’s 28… a programmer by profession..m I own a land and a personal car today…

She’s respectful and does what a woman will do to satisfy every man, but most times when I’m broke, there’s always trouble in the house… and I feel loved when I have money…

I have never hit a woman my whole life till I met her, now I’m used to beating and shouting… now she’s even telling me I talk too much when I’m complaining..

This was never my life…

Please I need options..m what do I do, I’ve just few hours ago hit her, because I saw her texting someone and she rescued to open her phone… causing damage on her left eye …. please what do I do….huh.png

I don’t want to kill someone because I now feel I’m obsessed about her… I’m confused

Kindly Help Me With Words On What I Can Do?


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